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Invincible One

InvincibleOne_FrontCover(2)Through lyrical poems and narrative prose, Travel Writer and Journalist Dan Szczesny (The Nepal Chronicles and Mosquito Rain: Alaskan Travel Essays) turns his adventurer’s eye toward the most personal and challenging subject of them all – a trip to India to introduce his then ten-month-old daughter to her great grandmother. In INVINCIBLE ONE, during his family’s stay in Northern India, Szczesny, along with his daughter and wife, explore the glorious sugar cane fields, take a memorable ride on Northern India Rail, explore rural villages and visit a school of Untouchables.

And through it all, in a land of equal parts beauty and rawness, Szczesny walks the reader through an unforgettable trip of family bonds, commitment to the land and culture, and a child’s curiosity and eye for wonder.

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