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The Adventures of Buffalo and Tough Cookie

Book Cover FINALThe Adventures of Buffalo and Tough Cookie is an exploration of one of New Hampshire’s least known mountain lists, the 52 With a View. It’s a hiking story unlike any other, as Dan takes on the task of turning a determined, urban elementary child into an experienced back-woods hiker, and in the process finds that sometimes the most important lessons are the one’s that she teaches him.

Through snow, storms, slugs and long miles over the state’s beautiful and challenging terrain, The Adventures of Buffalo and Tough Cookie is a journey and meditation on the transformative power of friendship, commitment and the meaning of family.

Bondcliff Books. ISBN: 978-1-931271-30-1 $15.95, 214 pages

Patricia Herr, author of the bestselling book Up: A Mother and Daughter’s Peakbagging Adventure, says “Not only did the two share outdoor adventures, but they forged a friendship that bridged the traditional gaps of age and gender. Theirs is a team not formed of traditional family ties but, instead, an earned and mutual respect. Dan and Janelle are a unique and inspiring duo.”

Sarah Earle of the Concord Monitor says “Part travel memoir, part local guidebook, part feel good adventure story, it’s the sort of book that inspires family expeditions and deep reflection on what it means to be a family.”

Website: www.52withaview.com

Facebook page: The Adventures

Support your local indie bookstore:

Gibsons Books – Concord NH

Mountain Wanderer – Lincoln, NH

Or buy from Bondcliff or Amazon.


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  1. […] NH 2017 non fiction Literary Award winner, the Nepal Chronicles about his wedding in Nepal and The Adventures of Buffalo and Tough Cookie – hiking, with his foster child, now teenager, New Hampshire’s 48 peaks with a view. Atop […]

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