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Sing, and Other Short Stories

Sing CoverSing, and Other Short Stories is a collection of ten tales from travel and adventure writer Dan Szczesny. It is his first collection of short stories. From 1930s South Dakota where one of the last cowboys struggles to find meaning in a modern world to the Alaskan tundra where searchers race against time to find the pilot of a missing plane before the grizzlies do, Sing is an ode to common people who are forced to make a stand. Szczesny’s flawed characters illuminate the potential and the danger of regular people trying to be extraordinary.

Hobblebush Book. ISBN: 9781939449085 $16.96 134 pages

What others are saying about Sing:

“The stories in Sing catch you off guard again and again – Dan Szczesy is a virtuoso narrative shapeshifter, wily and daring.”  Tim Horvath, author of Understories

“Beautiful, evocative, these stories are ultimately about love in all its possibilities and manifestations.” Becky Dennison Sakellariou, author of Earth Listening

“Dan’s stories skirt the soft underbelly of a world filled with invisible people we never see but know are there. His characters are deliciously real.” Mike Morin, broadcast personality

Sing, and Other Short Stories is available through Amazon, Hobblebush Books or at your favorite local bookseller.

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